Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Random stuff.

Hello all my blogger friends! I clicked on new post without knowing what to write about, then I looked at this blank screen and thought about a million things to write about! Starting with a magazine called Forever magazine, it's an awesome magazine ran by a girl named Rachel, so please check it out.And in case you didn't know I'm trying to get 50 followers so I can have a 50 followers and 50th post giveaway so please help me out with that. Also I have to say I can NOT believe that my littlest sister Autumn is already 5 weeks old! Here is a picture of her
Is she cute or what?

And one last thing ( for today), if you've haven't heard of a place called Feelin Feminine check it out it's cool! anyway they are doing this thing called, Bosom Friend Swap I did it this month and it was fun! Here is what I received from my new friend
A bracelet,
A notebook ( it has a Bible verse on each page! Oh so cute!

And a letter that was three pages long! Now when your done sending the gift, you can become pen pals with that person! I encourage you all to do it is sooo fun!

And one last thing, another interview this time with the author of, Have a cup of tea (with me)!
Here are the questions and answers.

Hope Marie: Why did you create a blog and how long have you been blogging?

Lulu: I created a blog because I wanted to encourage other girls and post things about my life and Creator.

Hope Marie: What do you like most about blogging?

Lulu: I like seeing encouraging comments that people leave. :)

Hope Marie: What will readers most likely find at your blog?

Lulu: They'll find my thoughts, pictures, poems, essays, devotions, and occasionally giveaways.

Hope Marie: Other than blogging, what are some of you interests/hobbies?

Lulu: I really like playing the piano, also violin, playing my violin in symphony with three of my best friends, doing schoolwork, doing things with my little sister, reading, the list could go ON!

Hope Marie: One word that would describe your personality?

Lulu: Fun

Hope Maire: Tell us little about your daily life?

Lulu: I get up at 8:00 at eat breakfast. I normally do Bible after that, than carry on with my other school work and practice music. I take my dog Lily for a run and let her splash in the water, and make sure my horse Pistachio is fed, then come back inside and do things with my sister (rearrange our room, talk, have fun!)...I do a lot in a day.

Hope Marie: Tell us a little bit about your walk with Christ.

Lulu: I accepted the Lord in 2003, when I was five years old. I truly started to want to live for him when I was about 9. I love the Lord and it's my goal to learn more and more about Him and study His Word more. I'd really like to use music to glorify Him.

Hope Marie: Thanks for letting us get to know a little bit more about the author of have a cup of tea (with me)

Lulu: You're welcome, I enjoyed it! Have a good week, everyone!

Well I hope you enjoyed this post, I hope your all having a great week!
( I am ) Yours truly,Hope

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