Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Give me a hand?

I have 18 followers! YAY!!(happy dance) Now... I was wondering if you could give me a hand? I would love 50 see I'm almost on my 50th post, so a 50th post and 50th follower giveaway would be awesome.And yes I know that is alot more followers,but I know we can do it! So please spread the word.And tell them to tell me you sent them over, And a special button will be made for the people that sent them over! a different one for every person!Thanks a bunch! Hope Marie.


Katelyn said...

I'm following! Allie sent me over from I like your blog!

Rachael said...

hey! I'm following your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hello I just came over from The Book Band. I enjoyed your comment and came to see your blog!

Lulu said...

Hey Hope!
I found your blog through my best friend Emma Lou. :) I really like your blog! It's so cute. :)
I thought I'd help you by joining. :) I'll try to recruit some more people to find your blog!