Sunday, September 12, 2010

I was tagged!!

Have You Ever....

Have You Ever Smelled a Rose that took your breath Away? What color was It?
yes! it was white.

Have You Ever been kissed on the Cheek by a little boy? What did you feel like?

Have You Ever gone Out To Dinner with your best Friend Without Any Adults? Did It make You feel Independent?

Have You Ever gone a whole Week without Blogging? How Did That make You feel?
Yes,I don't know I was too busy to notice.

Have You Ever Sat on the Computer for more then Three hours?
Cough) Yes, but in my defense, I was sick.

Have You Ever tasted Something so nasty you couldn't swallow it? What was it?
Yes,onions (yuck ew ew)

Have You Ever Done something so Spontaneous that you could Barely believe it yourself? What was it? Um,I don't think so.

Have you ever Missed someone so much it made you cry? Who and why?
Yes,My best friend Emily,I miss you.

Have you Ever done a Tag like this before? If not tag 7 people who make you feel like you could fly to the moon. Even though I know you've never done that. No I've never done a tag like this,I loved it though
I tag
Emma lou,
Jordan Elizabeth,

Have fun! In Christ,Hope Marie.

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