Saturday, August 21, 2010

Busy week

Ok I've had a busy week so I'm sorry I have not posted.We'll start with monday,(I have picures for monday too!) My mom had a doctors appointment becouse she is due to have her baby soon!(I can NOT wait!) (She doesn't like this picture!)
I was busy all day monday becouse I decided to paint my room.

My cheesey smile!

My hand.

The music that I listened too.

As I painted I also did laundry

And then cooked spaghetti!

So I washed my hands ALOT on monday!then tuesday rolled around and I painted another wall.

Then I had a mishap(Uh hee hee) I um wasn't paying attion and I was taking pictures I was taking a picure when it happened this is how it turned out
This is what happened...

(Hee hee) And one more thing We got a new couch and this was our project

And the rest of my week? A blur....... Anyway I hope you all had a GREAT week! God bless! signing off,

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you HAVE been busy! Your room looks awesome!