Monday, August 9, 2010

Blog party day 3

Here is my entry for the blog party day 3 My big brother Ty (19)

My big brother Dylan(16)

My mom

My little sister Eliana(shes 2)

My little sister Fallon (shes 11)


libys11 said...

oohh what good looking family you have.. :)

Animated Confessions

Anna Kiser said...

At His Sparrow, I've tied for one of the three finalists! Please click HERE to vote for me!

Ann said...

you have so many siblings! it must be fun to always have someone to hang out with. i only have one brother, but i've often wondered what i'd be like to have a sister.

Makay said...

Cute pics! I am totally gonna follow you- follow me too? Then we are blog buds. haha. Cute pics. I also saw in your side bar- "Christy Miller" is your favorite series! ME TOO! I love those books- Also have read the Katie series. Check them out- oh, and the College years. :) So good.

Love, Makay