Friday, October 29, 2010

Fallons birthday!

Hello again my friends, Yesterday was Fallons birthday, and was it fun the only way to tell you how fun is pictures!

 We decided on this cake since she loves checkers!
 We had spaghetti on the table!!
 Autumn in her party hat!
 The birthday girl! (Fallon) and the birthday dog! (really it is her birthday, she's 13! )
 The table is set! let's eat!
 Dylan being goofy!
 Hmmm what should my next move be?
 Getting ready to pray.
                                                        Me and Dylan being goofy!
As a special  surprise I made Fallon a blog! Please hop over and check it out (and follow her) Click here !
So happy 12th birthday Fallon, I hope you had a great day!


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Kendra said...

I like the cake. :D I'm going to check out Fallon's blog...