Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Boy, Don't You Dare Say 'I Love You' to me"

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I am the type of girl who does not want a man to ever say “I love you” to me unless he is going to marry me. (and vice verso) Why? Well, let me first share with you a few examples you all may have encountered before I explain.

Let’s say you log into your FaceBook account, and you see your friend’s status reads something along the lines of “I luv u babe…we will b 2 gether 4 ever” along with 20 other comments of the two claiming to be “in love”, saying “i luv u more” over and over again. Now, not only does the fact that it was a FaceBook status and written in “text-message” language extremely bother me, but the fact that it holds absolutely no truth to it. Fast forward two weeks, and you tend to see “Went from ‘In a Relationship’ to ‘Single’” in your friend’s update. That’s not the only thing that changes though. You start to see mean, bitter, and hatred filled status updates from one or both parties. You may see extreme depression in the person, and of course, depressing statuses. Evidently “I’ll love you for forever” did not last that long.

But what bothers me the most is that neither party learns a single lesson from the experience. Give it a few more weeks, maybe a few months, and the cycle starts all over again only with a different person.

When you say “I love you” so many times to someone you believe to be a ‘significant other’ then it just looses its meaning and value. If you say it two your boyfriend of two weeks, what value does it honestly hold? Can you both sincerely say, without the slightest doubt in either one of your minds, that you will truly be together forever, honestly love each other forever, and obviously get married as a result? Of course not, so why is it that you say it so freely like you would with “hello!”?

Eric Ludy, co-author of the fantastic book “When God Writes Your Love Story”( along with many others) once said in a conference that his mother taught him that he better never say something so powerful and serious as “I love you”, unless he was willing to back it up with a proposal for marriage. That’s the type of man I want. A man who knows the powerful, deep, immeasurable meaning and worth behind those three little words, “I love you”. A man who is so after God’s own heart that he goes to what some may consider “extreme” measures in order to honor God, and his future wife.

That’s the type of man I will marry one day, and that is the type of woman I will be. I will never say “I love you” to a man unless he says it to me—for the first time—when he proposes to me.

If you will not be together forever through marriage, then why is it that you go selling lies to one another in a relationship saying “I love you”, when you both know, deep down, that it might not even last—because you really are not each others’ one from God.

Now, I am not saying you can not say “I love you” to your family members or super close female friends(if you say it to a guy, honestly, no matter how long you’ve known each other, they could take it the wrong way and give them false hope.). Those are the type of relationships that never will go away; your mom will always be your mom, your sister will always be your sister, and if you are close enough, then your best gal friend will always be your best friend. These are solid relationships that you know will last.

When you enter a ‘romantic relationship’, then you do not know if it will last. The only moment you know that it will, and that you will not have to take the words back, is when you get engaged, and get married(as long as you followed God’s will, of course.)
Do you want to be a one-man woman who will only ever say “I love you” to one man(your husband), or do you want to be many-men woman, saying “I love you” freely, carelessly, and without meaning?

The choice is yours, but I pray that you all will choose to be a one-man woman.

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