Sunday, March 18, 2012

The little things!

Everyone has their own Little Things that make them happy.
For me it's A curled up hand of am infant. 

The star on the Christmas tree,

A picture of blurry lights, (you gotta love them!)
                                                     Fuzzy socks,
                                                                      Ice crystals!!
                                               Hershey's  kisses!!

                                                          The different colors of the sky!
                                                                Leaves and snow!
                                                                This sign!!!!
                                                                My big bro!!!
                                                                  French Fries!
                                                                Chocolate milkshakes...Yum!
                                                                          My Cheeky!
                                                                    Laughter! And hugs from babys!


1 comment:

Emma Lou said...

The little things DO count!

Your brother: Little, but stronger!!! :) Just kidding

slap cheek
rub tummy
cut neck
rub hands and shout YAY!

Your bestie,