Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dear Dad,

I want to tell you some things I love about you!
You have this way of staring into space when your deep in thought,
You don't laugh at me when I do something really dumb,
You fall asleep during movies,
Your silly but serious,
Your hard working,
You constantly encourage me,
I Love  your laugh!
I love chin wars (even though they hurt!)
I love your *pokeys*, Your smile, Your snore! And WAY to may other things to mention!
Oh yeah and the way you stick your tongue out when you work!

Your the best dad ever! And I love you LOTS!

Your daughter,



Shelley said...

Aww, lovely Father's Day post! :)

Kendra Lynne said...

Awwe! I loved the pictures. Looks like you've got an awesome dad. Not as awesome as mine though. xD