Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy brithday daddy!

Daddy, I hope you had a awesome day, I know we have are disagreements are fights and that I can be super stubbern and think Im right, But I just want you to know that I love you. your a awesome dad and I know your right even when Im being stubbern. Your a super hero saving me from the boys when they tickle me and throw me in the pool, and you are my hero even when you think youve been mean, I know you know whats best for me. I will allways remember when we had chin wars and how when you would kiss me goodnight and your pokkeys would hurt, Ill remember when you called me bump (even though I dont know why). Your the best dad a girl could have. I love you daddy and I will never stop. Thanks for being you and being there. Your loving daughter,Hope (above picture my mom and dad)


carlotta said...

happy (late) birthday to your dad! i hope he had a great day :)

Amber Noella said...

How sweet!

Amber Noella said...
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